Grass-fed Beef & Ranch Retreats!
Located in El Morro Valley, New Mexico
Sustainably producing craft beef since 2009

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Our premium, organically raised grass-fed beef is truly unique…and incredibly delicious!

Premium Organically-Raised Grassfed Beef

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Sustainably Produced and Delicious!

What Our Clients Say

  • El Morro Valley Ranch is amazing! It's one of the truly special places on earth. The quality of their beef is a testament to how much thought and effort they put into their craft.

  • I love that I can serve my family great tasting beef that is healthy and produced in a way that benefits our planet. I really appreciate what El Morro Valley Ranch is doing and what they stand for.

  • Having had the pleasure of both visiting El Morro Valley Ranch and eating the beef they produce, I'm a lifelong believer and supporter of their efforts. Charlie, Rebecca and the rest of the team are up to something special.


Awards and Certifications

We pride ourselves on running a top notch operation with various awards and certifications.

  • Certified Organic by the New Mexico USDA since 2009
  • Certified by Global Animal Partnership (“GAP” Humane Handling Step 4) since 2011
  • Charles was honored as “Outstanding Conservation Rancher” by the Lava, Soil and Water District of New Mexico.
  • Charles and Rebecca received the Good Earth Award at the New Mexico Organic Farming Conference 2018

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