Located in the Zuni Mountains of Western New Mexico, El Morro Valley Ranch is operated by head ranchers Charles Mallery and Rebecca Allina. The ranch encompasses over 20,000 acres of grazing land with Winter ranges at 7500 ft and summer ranges at over 9000 ft. The cattle graze on grasses and forbes that grow on this vast range-land. The ranch was Certified Organic in 2009 as it fits our philosophy of sustainable grazing and being part of the food revolution.

Producing quality, sustainable food is very important to us. We are also dedicated to treating our animals humanely and raising them in a healthy way while producing quality beef. In 2011, we became certified by the Global Animal Partnership (GAP).

Charlie and Rebecca operate their ranch as soil builders first and grass farmers second, using cattle as a tool to improve grasslands and support an ecosystem that invests carbon into the soil rather than depleting carbon. They strive to support regional food systems and to provide quality, grass-fed beef to their customers.