Starting in Summer 2019, we are offering nightly or weekly vacations at El Morro Valley Ranch

Are you ready for a unique, beautiful and peaceful ranch getaway? It’s time to relax with your family, friends and bring your own personal horses if you would like! Trails to the Zuni Mountains are located behind our property and we offer an exquisite adobe home with access to thousands of acres to explore. We cater local, fresh, organic, paleo or gluten-free meals! Get ready to enjoy one of the most enchanting and quiet places in the world, while gazing at the Milky Way, breathtaking sunsets and having fun learning what ranch life is all about!

Contact us today to set up a vacation experience you’ll never forget! You can get our contact info here.

Things to do:

Ranch Tours
Gardening Classes
Horseback Riding
Anasazi Ruins
El Morro National Monument
Ice Caves
Ramah Lake
Wolf Sanctuary
Buddhist Temple
Zuni Indian Reservation
Native Ceremonial Dances
Sustainability Presentations

Services Offered:

Child Care
Yoga and Massage
Catered Meals
Grass-fed beef and fresh garden vegetables